Will Aliens Save Us From Mad Men Like Kim Jong Un?

– This Isn’t The “X-Files,” It’s Your Life

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but I sincerely hope what I’ve heard about Aliens and their meddling in earth’s politics is true, especially with so many “unstable” people in positions of power on our world. As of this writing, social media is full of news that an elite “decapitation” squad has been sent to North Korea because of the trouble brewing there.

You can bet, anything you’ve seen online is no secret to our neighbors, by now every other species in the galaxy has heard “those insane earthlings are at it again!” One can only hope this squad has been well briefed by a competent psychic as to the whereabouts of their target so the mission comes to a quick, satisfying end.

How Long Can We Count On Their Patience?

We can’t always depend on intervention from our star traveling neighbors. One day they may just decide to let us fight it out or see whether or not the human race is intelligent enough to save itself. I hope not. This isn’t the first time earth has been in danger from an over-eager politician playing the “my bomb is bigger than your bomb” game. One can only hope that alien species in our part of the Universe are well aware these madmen represent only a tiny portion of human kind in general.

Will They Help Us Again?

You could see a star ship hovering directly over Washington with aliens standing in a view port and politicians would still try to tell you it was a manned “weather balloon.” We have friends out among the stars I would love to meet but I’m sure that will never happen if the worlds governments have anything to say about it. Remember Chernobyl? The Earth had help that day.

Without the intervention of our friends, that disaster could have spread so much farther. Aliens helped prevent mega destruction that day, not the Russian government. We are told being kept in the dark is for our own good. I think not. This won’t last forever, hopefully the day will come soon when the average citizen of earth will be able to count friends on other planets. Sooner or later, the lies we’ve been fed all these years will fade away when our non-human friends stand beside us in public.

Is Technology Going To Mean Our End?

Psychics have predicted terrifying events in the past with 100% accuracy. Many now say if humankind can’t get its collective act together, the Universal Council of Planets will do it for us, and who could blame them? Now that our species has star travel out of this solar system within its grasp, we are more than an occasional annoyance to the rest of the galaxy. Now, we’re an infection that threatens to spread to other, more peaceful worlds.

Again and again humanity has faced situations that could have ended us if they’d gone the other way. The only reason we have survived to this day is through the kindness and patience of other species but how long can we expect that to last? How much longer will the rest of the Universe wait for us to “grow up?” They really can’t afford to allow a society like ours to roam free among the stars. If were still willing to kill each other how would we behave on other worlds? If I were them, that’s what I’d be thinking.

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