US administration infiltrated by aliens

More evidence that alien forces intelligences might very well be be controlling the United States government at the very highest level.

We here at the ADGUK, the alien disclosure group of the UK have as you are aware been on the to the aliens for a long time now.  Although, evidence have been hard to uncover to support this fact. However, if it were true that the US government no longer is controlled by us humans wouldn’t they do just about everything to hide it from us? Yes, there is a distinct lack of hard evidence suggesting that most or even some of the top US government officials are aliens. Still the the government is reluctant to release any data related to the alien phenomenon and rumors and they yet to deny that they are aliens. . Now lets discuss the history of aliens i the US.  The first solid reports from american citizens came in 1947 after the famous Roswell incident. Since then there have been thousands upon thousands of observations and reports of abductions. The goverment have denied every single one or refused to comment. If they were not under alien influence then why should they feel the need to so secretive about it?  The extraterrestrial entities responsible have been been remarkably efficient when it comes to to keep irrefutable proof of the stories’ reality from the general public.

For years now UFO researchers have speculated that some U.S. government officials deliberately withheld information from the public, and for various reasons.

One example is noted ufologist Stanton Friedman  who stated during a 2002 interview that the technology behind flying saucers is perhaps what is most important to governments. They probably use it already, perhaps in weapons R&D.  We here at ADG, believe it’s time to investigate further into this matter and thats exactly what we’re going to there on the site. Stay tuned for more.

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