The Illuminati – how far does their influence reach

Few people these days have not heart at least some rumors about the secret organisation known as the Illuminati. Now, some of might only know the name from novelist Dan Browns books, some have read about them on Wikipedia and some of you have a profoundly deeper knowledge about the society and it’s influence in the world of today. Whenever someone mentions the Illuminati that persons runs the risk of being labeled as a conspiracy theorist, tinfoil hat and all around loon. Granted, some less stable individuals have a tendency to buy into outlandish theories especially theories that hints of sinister conspiracy. If you google Illuminati, the new world order or chemtrails you are going to run into some rather dubious websites run by well shall we say people who not entirely of sound mental health. But does that mean that everything they and other investigators say about the Illuminati is all lies, fantasy or straight up looney talk? Well? Is there any truth to the allegation about the Illuminati? Lets begin to answer that question.

What is the Illuminati?

The Illuminati is according to most people who cover the topic a secret society of people of high status in the political, religious, or judicial realm. Some are allegedly deeply involved in Satanic magic and prepared do almost anything to establish a world government under their control or the New World Order. The theorists believe many catastrophes and dramatic events (such as 9/11) on the world stage events were caused by the Illuminati. The motivation can be anything from population control to getting rid of people who are opposing then or trying to expose them to world. The illuminati are according to most experts on the topic made up of 13 families or bloodlines. You have heard most of these name and they generally corresponds with the financial elite of the world: the Rothschild’s, The Rockefeller’s and so on. These people are indeed the some of the wealthiest and most influential people in world and do have their hands in almost every line of industry and are represented in virtually all counties on earth. Many celebrities, actors, musicians, novelist and politicians are said to be puppets or stooges of the Illuminati. Also, there’s a strong connection between the Freemasons and the Illuminati. Some even say that they’re the same thing or that the Freemason is just a tool used buy the Illuminati to wield their power on more levels and gain influence in more arenas.

How about the Vatican?

Now, according to some theorists and notably Dan Browns books the Vatican are the mortal enemy of the Illuminati. They’re fighting them and the same time covering up their very existence. The most likely explanation however is that if the Illuminati indeed do exist they have infiltrated the Vatican to such a high degree that they practically run it.

Religious groups free from Illuminati influence

Most likely the Illuminati are represented in all religious organisations. So if you want to be a part of religion not under Illuminati control you would be wise to choose an obscure branch of Christianity or even an eastern religion. The Illuminati focus is indeed on western organisations so if you Hindu or Buddhist organisations are probably less likely to be under their control. The Indian Gurus and spiritual advisers at the website are definitely not a part of the Illuminati for instance. Small evangelical churches is the US are also less likely to be infiltrated. But you can never let your guard down. They can be anywhere.

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