Snowden documents prove aliens control US goverment (ad did in fact control Nazi Germany)

News agency from Iran reports unveils documents with proof that aliens helped the Nazis, and currently is in control of U.S. gov’t

Recently a news agency from Iran reported that new documents provided by whistleblower and former NSA employee Edward Snowden have appeared. The documents allegedly contain proof that “an alien/extraterrestrial intelligence agenda is driving US domestic and international policy, and has been doing so since at least 1945.”

The new Agency behind the this scoop is The Fars News Agency. Fars go on to assert that a secret alien government is in fact running the United States out of a hidden compund in Nevada. These same aliens conspirators are also said to be behind the goverment of Nazi Germany. The report further explains that ” aliens were secretly behind the Nazis” and , ”that Germany built hundreds of submarines toward the end of the war, far more than would have been possible with mere human technology.”

This is most certainly interesting news. We here at are no strangers to the connection between the aliens a, Nazi Germany and the present US goverment. We have not seen the report ourselves but we would not be surprised if it would go on to prove that aliens are cooperating with governments and  airlines all over the world produce chemtrails which are at present one of the worst threats to humankind and freedom.  Read more about the report at

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