President Trump: Crazy conspiracy theorist or genuine whistleblower-in-cheif?

President of the United States and billionaire Donald Trump is not only the leader of the free world his also leader of the vanguard for truth. Trump has spent many years trying to expose the truth behind many mysterious events. The presidents efforts are not appreciated by all though. Certain members of the media seemingly spend all their time trying to put the president in an negative light and make him out to be a loon or mockingly as a ”conspiracy theorist”.
In this article, we are going to highlight instances where Present Trump has been promoting theories (that could be true, we do not know) from President Obama’s birthplace to the US government immigration system and many others. This statements by president Trump has been used to ridicule him. But what if he’s right? What if it’s all true? Here’s a recap of some of the most well known theories promoted by president Trump.

President Obama’s birthplace
For many years when Trump was campaigning to carry the banner of the Republican Party to the White House, he pushed theories that former President Obama faked his birth certificate so he could qualify to run for president. He even went ahead to quote “Israeli Science,” by Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona. The Conspiracy theory by Arpaio was the clearinghouse WorldNetDaily and an unnamed source which he claimed was extremely credible. Trump made accusations that Obama spent millions of dollars to keep the truth about his birthplace a well-guarded secret. President Trump has also made claims that Obama’s grandmother witnessed his birth in Kenya.

In 2011, Donald Trump told radio host Laura Ingraham that President Obama could never issue his birth certificate. He said that Obama does not possess a birth certificate and if he has one, there is something he is hiding in it that would be detrimental to his presidency. Trump even suggested that President Obama was a staunch follower of Islam. He also cast doubt on the announcement of President Obama’s birth in the Honolulu newspaper saying that Obama’s parents were poor people who could not afford a newspaper ad.

Trump also noted that there is a lot of fraud in the world and such an ad could have been staged or computer generated in the last five-year period. He said that even the Rockefeller’s never put an ad about the birth of a baby and that he could smell something fishy in the fact that two poor parents did this in Hawaii; Obama’s parents. Trump also suggested that President Obama admitted having been born in Kenya himself and that he had the intentions to author a book that would describe his birther theory in detail.

Bill Ayers wrote Obama’s Book ‘Dreams from my father.”
Trump also continued to embrace the theory that former President Obama never wrote his ‘Dreams from My Father’ book. This theory initially started as a joke but saw thousands of Americans embracing it later. Trump even wrote a book to describe whether Obama wrote the book or not although the book would end up pushing him very strongly. Trump said that there was some other person who had a lot to do with ‘Dreams from my Father’ rather than Obama. He even suggested that Obama only wrote the second book ‘Audacity of Hope’ which he claimed was not a masterpiece. Trump said in 2011 that Bill Ayers authored the book and that Obama would not have been president if it were not for Ayers who he claimed is a super-genius.

President Obama did not attend Columbia
Trump in 2014 offered $50 million for charity if Obama would go on and release his college records. Trump argued that President Obama came out of nowhere and that the people he claims attended college with him never laid an eye on him. This theory may have been derived from Wayne Allyn Root, Obama’s campaign surrogate, who simultaneously made claims that Obama never attended Columbia University. Root also made claims that the left-wing Professors radicalized president Obama at Columbia. Trump has also claimed that President Obama was a terrible student at Columbia.

9/11 Attackers has Girlfriend who runs away to Saudi Arabia
Trump would defend himself from charges of war crimes of plotting to kill the 9/11 anti-American terrorist’s family members. Trump also highlighted that its possible that the attacker’s girlfriends ran away to Saudi Arabia days before the attack. In a GOP debate, Trump said that these girls were put in planes together with the terrorist’s friends and family and sent back to Saudi Arabia. He said that these people were aware of the imminent attack and that the girls went home to watch their boyfriend live on television. Trump would also make a similar claim at another event though it was slightly different. He said that wives of the attackers left two days before the attack on the World Trade Center. According to Trump, they would go to Saudi Arabia and watch their husbands fly planes right through the buildings live on television.

Some of these claims by Mr. Trump may seem far fetched or even outlandish. But then again, he might very well be correct. What do you think?

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