Nikola Tesla and His Alien Scientists

One of technologies most famous eccentrics, Nikola Tesla is responsible for such inventions as the radio, various message devices, and anti-gravity machines. But, conspiracy theorists argue that Tesla may not have come up with his inventions by himself. Instead, some argue that Tesla’s inventions may have been an idea created from a paranormal source.

Tesla was born on July 10, 1856, in what is now Croatia. By the time his life on this planet was done he would file over 300 patents and create a multitude of inventions, some we still use today. Tesla paved the way for harnessing electricity.

Almost from an early age, Tesla would experience flashes of light that affected his vision. He would see images as sure as if they were right in front of him. Were these hallucinations images of machinery that aliens wanted someone here on earth to build? Did aliens or a lifeform on Mars use telepathy to transmit ideas to Tesla?

Lone Inventor?
Tesla was known for his inhuman lack of sleep. He professed to work and study from 3 am to 11 pm. He had several near-death experiences in his lifetime. He suffered a bout of cholera, recovered from a nervous breakdown and was presumed drowned in a nearby river when he abruptly left family and friends to trek in the Tomingaj. When Tesla operated a boat by remote control the public grew a disdain for his experiment. They accused him of every type of fraud including using a rope to pull the ship, or having a hidden monkey steer the ship. How, they wondered could a ship steer itself? It was impossible. Ships don’t operate themselves. Unless of course it was an invisible force only revealed to a select few. Could it be paranormal? He could even manipulate the weather. In 1899, Tesla created thunder and lightning in a lab set in the high mountains of Colorado Springs.

Tesla made inventions that sounded something fresh out of a Star Wars Saga. The death-ray would destroy intruders and the invisible wall of force that would shield countries from foreign threats.

Communication with Another World

His first real taste of documented alien contact came in 1900. While in his lab conducting more experiments, Tesla’s high-frequency receiver transmitted a “ping”. He formed the conclusion that the sound must be coming from another planet. An intelligent lifeform must be sending a message to earth. From this contact, Tesla deduced that it must be from an alien source or from Mars itself. What did they want? And why was it Tesla they chose? And here’s this: a couple of days after Tesla died the U.S. Government raided his hotel room and retrieved a mass of papers and notes that Tesla had written over the decades. This instance is known as ‘The Missing Papers’ conspiracy. What exactly was our government trying to hide? Was there something in them that incriminated top brass in the U.S. Government?

Unusual Sleep Patterns
Tesla admitted that he only slept for 2 hours per night and once worked 84 hours straight in his lab. How is it possible that a person could stay awake for so long and not experience adverse reactions? Was he prewired as an embryo or rewired once he was born? Maybe his contact with alien beings came during his bout with cholera in his early childhood. It is my opinion that aliens visited him at this time and ‘rewired’ him. I think his frequent episodes with illnesses and near death experiences stemmed from otherworldly creatures instilling information in his mind that was beyond our understanding even futuristic.

Nikola Tesla’s notes and documents are still being used today by NASA and the U.S. military. What exactly was in those missing papers and who has them?

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