Did Nazi scientist find alien technology in Antarctica?

Nazy UFOs in Antarctica.

I recently came across a very intriguing Russian documentary about the Third Reicht’s secret plans for Antarctica. I’ve always thought the way Nazy Germany had fallen after being invincible for most of the war seemed kind of suspicious. They had the military superiority all along, with technology that far surpassed their enemies. It almost felt like they just threw the fight, and Hitler commiting suicide by burning was almost too convenient. A significant amount of key scientific personnel and confidential documents were never recovered after the war. Also, a number of Nazy officers have been found and arrested in Argentina. Something is just not right. The newfound footage could actually reveal the true fate of the Führer as well as their current plans for world domination. And it could, as a bonus, explain the UFO sightings that have been common place since the 40s.

Project Highjump

In 1947 the US Navy launched an expedition to Antarctica led by famous explorer Admiral Richard Byrd. While the specifics of the mission were kept confidential, Admiral Byrd did specify that it was a military expedition. This expedition was aborted after the fleet suffered substantial losses at the hands of some mysterious flying ships as they approached the coast of the icy Continent. Eyewitness accounts describe the attackers as incredibly fast disk like flying aircrafts that maneuvered like nothing else at the time. As a matter of fact, modern aeronautical engineering still cannot replicate the mysterious machines. On his final report to Congress, Admiral Byrd said in no uncertain terms that in the next war the biggest threat to our security would come from airships that could fly from pole to pole at great speed. But what were those ships? Where did they one from? The answer might lay deep inside the most secret organization within the Nazy regime, the mysterious Ahnenerbe.


The Ahnenerbe, German for ancient heritage, was Hitler’s mystical and archeological agency that used a combination of traditional and unorthodox methods to research and develop techo-magical weapons. They employed psychics, archeologists and scientists to accomplish their goal of rediscovering the ancient superhumans from their Aryan race as well as the development of super weapons for the Führer. The organization’s obsession with the occult led them to go back and research ancient texts from all over the world. Which is how they came across the mysterious Piri Reis map. That map pushed them to launch several expeditions to Antarctica starting in the 1930s and bringing back to Germany information about the feasibility of creating an Antarctic base of operations. The details are shrouded in secrecy, however there are credible sources that suggest the Nazis found themselves a paradise hidden deep within the ice caps. If the Germans did create a secret base in Antarctica, the Ahnenerbe would have had the freedom to continue their research to develop their techno-magical weapons even after the war was over.


The mysterious ships that attacked Admiral Byrd’s fleet were described by eye witnesses as saucer shaped that shot fire like beams that destroyed anything in their path. The fleet was quickly overwhelmed and retreated. The problem with the theory that the Nazis had already been successful in creating such powerful weaponry is the fact that there has not been another attempt to take over the world. But what if the Germans found something else in the Antarctica? What if what they found was actually a portal. A portal that gave them access to the ancient legendary beings they sought after, and they shifted their focus towards the stars? Several prominent physicists have proposed the theory of wormholes. These naturally occurring portals could be the key to outer space exploration, by providing means of instant transportation across the galaxies. If the Ahnenerbe found what they considered their birthright, these portals to outer space and the ancient civilization that has been using them for Milennia, it is conceivable that they evacuated the Fürher thru the portal and took shelter away from their enemies. Such powerful secret would be worth protecting from all other nations.History and science seem to fall short of providing a complete explanation as to what really happened to Adolph Hitler and his occult order. Only someone who can see beyond the realm of the normal could hope to explain the truth. As it stands, we would be wise to remain vigilant at the possibility that the Third Reicht could rise once more. Our psychics could offer insights into the future, and allow you to be one of the prepared few who could see the menace before it’s too late. Call now!

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