Links and resources

Welcome to Alien Disclosure Group library useful links. Here you’ll find an array of links to sites that deals with alien phenomena, conspiracies. hi-tech weaponry, NWO and  secret government plots. – No conspiracy oriented list would be complete without a link to the one and only; Alex Jones. – A site where much like our own but more oriented towards dark human behavior.’ – On of the best site about alien of the whole web. Professional layout too. Well worth a visit. – Great site with valuable info. – Small site, some great articles. Needs to be updated more often. – Keeps an eye on the secret and sinister organisation. – Aliens and new-age healing. Very interesting site. – Your go to guide for historic and present conspiracies. – Great resource on the news the mainstream media is trying to hide. An eye-opener. – Great resource. You’ll find almost everything here. – Many interesting feature articles on the reptilians, NWO and false flag attacks. – One of the greatest site about aliens. Some horrific stories to be read here. I’m sure you have heard about David Icke. One of the world foremost experts on aliens and the reptilians whom David actually was the first to discover and expose to the public.