What Happened to Malaysia Flight MH370?

The fate of the 239 passengers and crew aboard Malaysia Flight Mh370 remains a mystery nearly four years later. The flight was scheduled to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing but never arrived. Debris discovered on Reunion Island in July 2015 was confirmed to have come from the ill-fated flight, but no confirmed bodies have been reported as recovered as of December 2017. Some conspiracy theories have arisen regarding the fate of the missing airplane.

A Plane Disappears – March 08, 2014

Malaysia Flight MH370 departed Kuala Lumpur at 00:41. The flight was scheduled to land in Beijing at 06:30 UTC. The aircraft, a Boeing 777, disappeared from the radar at 02:22. A distress call from the plane was never received. The aircraft lost its datalink between 01:07 and 02:03. The plane disappeared from radar at 02:22. The aircraft’s satellite data unit (SDU) transmitted a log-on message at 02:25 which investigators believe occurred due to a power interruption. Two ground-to-plane telephone calls went unanswered between 02:22 and 08:19, but the ground station received automated responses from the SDU. A log-in message was sent from the plane at 08:19. A 09:15 call went unanswered by the SDU, and it’s believed that the aircraft ran out of fuel by this time.

Signals from the plane did not identify the aircraft’s exact location, but basic calculations led officials to believe the flight ended in or in the Indian Ocean. The theories of the fate of Malaysia Flight MH370 range from pilot suicide and hijacking to alien abduction and government cover-ups.
Pilot Suicide?

Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s mental state came into question when investigators learned that he had exhibited strange behavior in the days leading up to the plane’s disappearance. Co-workers stated that the captain had been distraught in the days leading up to the plane’s disappearance. It was discovered that he had moved his wife and children into a different home on March 7.

Authorities noted that Captain Shah had no personal or professional plans dated after March 8. A spokesman for the Malaysian government announced that the captain’s at-home flight simulator revealed “nothing sinister,” but a media source announced the following day that incriminating evidence had been found within the flight simulator.

Was Flight MH370 Hijacked?

It has been speculated that Flight MH370 was hijacked and diverted to a small island. There has been little evidence to confirm this theory.

Was There a Fire?

One theory is that a fire took place aboard the plane, perhaps in the cockpit. Previously, a different Boeing 777 aircraft caught fire in 2011, and although firefighters were on the scene in under three minutes, it took more than an hour to extinguish the flames.


Shot down?

Some believe that the airliner carrying more than 200 passengers could have been shot down by a fighter plane belonging to a national or mercenary Airforce. As of yet we do no know if there’s any truth to these claims. What we do know is that planes rarely goes down without a clear reason. Usually it’s a malfunction of some sort or its due to pilot error. However everyone seems to agree that the crew in general and the captain in particular were highly qualified and should have been able to solve most problem that could occur midair.  It’s therefore not totally unreasonable to put forward the idea that it could have been attacked by an unknown fighter plane. The motive? Some say it could be a false flag operation.

A Government Cover-up?

One conspiracy theory is that the U.S. government knows the fate of Flight MH370. Some theorists believe that the plane landed on the U.S. military installation at Diego Garcia. The debris discovered at Reunion Island seemed to bolster these theories. Diego Garcia is less than 2km from the island. It is theorized that the plane was believed to be an attempted terrorist attack similar to the September 11, 2011, terrorist attack.

Concern began to grow when Zahid Raza, a primary investigator in the disappearance of Flight MH370, was murdered. Raza was due to hand over potential evidence of the aircraft’s fate to authorities in Madagascar to send to Malaysia for analysis.

The owner of an aerospace firm, Andre Milne, believes that there was an extra passenger aboard the flight. That unaccounted for passenger, according to Milne, is responsible for the flight’s disappearance.

“The cargo manifest notes that 228 seats were sold on the flight as of two hours before boarding,” Milne said. “That did not include the two children who sat in their parent’s laps. The claim is that four people did not board the flight, so that takes us down to 224 seated passengers. When you add the 12 crew members, that total is 238, not 239. Who was the mystery passenger?”

A Paranormal Connection?

A poll on CNN’s website noted that 9% of those answering the poll believe the plane and its passengers were abducted by “aliens, beings from another dimension, or time travellers” while others claim that “magic abilities” may have been used to cloak the aircraft. Some psychic mediums have offered varying explanations as to what happened to the plane.

One psychic explained that there was a fire aboard the plane, possibly caused by a spark due to an electrical short. A second psychic, Lisa Williams, offered up an explanation.

“I envisioned that the plane was hijacked,” she told investigating authorities. “I believe that the plane landed with all passengers alive in or near a wooded area.”

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The Anonymous group has a different, and if it were to be true, most startling explanation.


So what happened and what would the implications be if for Anonymous were to be right? What do you think happen to Flight MH370 and who is behind it?

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