Alien hybrids control the world

A former employee at the World Bank claims that an alien species controls everything on earth. The man who previously worked for the world bank say that a group of non-humans control a secret network, this network is behind almost everything that goes on in the world at least on larger political scale. And they are certainly not humans but a previously unknown group of hominids possibly of alien origin. The aliens are highly intelligent, way smarter than humans, but they lack our creativity.

They’ve been for thousands of years

They alien species was much more common during the last ice age and their number have reduced since then but they are still here. Their appearance is vaguely humanlike but they are much more slender, taller and have a prolonged skull much like the aliens depicted in the last Indiana Jones movie – Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Alien-human interbreeding

Some of world-leaders might have a hidden alien agenda

Another rather unsettling fact is that the aliens haver been interbreeding with female humans for centuries and there are alien-human hybrids walking among us. Some researcher says that these hybrids of end up in executive positions in companies and others enter the political arena. Its quite possible that some of our world leaders are in fact alien-human hybrids and its not at all certain that they have us humans best interest at heart. They could very well have a secret agenda, perhaps plotting to take over the world and secure an alien invasion which could happen sooner than most people think.

The alien-hybrids strive to keep their existence secret and conduct most of their work away from the public eye, probably in secret societies like the Illuminati and the Bilderberg Group.

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