The Alien Disclosure Group of the UK, or ADGUK for short is a non-partisan and non-profit organization dedicated to exposing the lies and promoting the truth in world politics and goings-on. We focus mainly on paranormal activities and alien related topics such as our three Big C’s; cover-ups, conspiracies and crimes committed by governments and international companies. Our goal is to get the truth and above all get it out to you the general public. Many regard us as tinfoil-hats and weirdos but nothing could be further from the truth. We are rather the only sane ones in the insane world of internet media were lie and deceit has become the norm and everyone bows down to the powers that be. Many of the stories you read here may seem strange our outlandish and first glance, but keep reading. You’ll will see that we’re right, history will prove us right. Because make no mistake, the aliens are everywhere. They try to hide from us but they have infiltrated every branch of society and they are currently interbreeding with female humans to create hybrids. The hybrids are not easy to spot, your next-door neighbor could be one, your doctor could be an alien hybrid and what about our political leaders. Some of them are quite alien like aren’t they? Many times their actions and policies are so strange that only explanation possible must be that they are acting in the interest of aliens and not our own. We are here to cover these events and going-ons and we work tirelessly to expose the evil aliens and the humans who cooperate with them.

With that out of the way, let us introduce you to our team:

Johannes Winkelvoos, German PhD and UFO researcher

Anna Kessington, Author and former journalist from the UK.

Monica Hague, former government employee and designer