Massive Flying Saucer Hovers Over Arizona?

Very interesting image submitted by Trevor Mungton via Joseph Gutierrez, which clearly shows a huge saucer shaped object, hovering in the sky over North Scottsdale, Arizona. January 10th 2013

Joseph comments on the sighting:

I had just got into work around 7:20 am, mst, clocked in and began reading emails as I do every morning.

The sun began to rise through my 3rd floor office window. I noticed a dust storm rolling through as an overcasted day but paid not attention to the weather changing.

5 minutes into working I heard loud military jets fly overhead which is unusual. We do have an airport next to us, but I have never heard jets fly this loud.

So I decided to get up from my desk and look out the window to see the jets were there. I did not witness any, that’s when I noticed up ahead a saucer like UFO cloud that was very unusual to see.

When I first noticed the UFO saucer, I thought it was a cloud and sat back at my desk.

Checking emails and working for about 10 minutes in, I looked out the window a second time and noticed the saucer had still been there and if not more presentable with the sun rising and dust storm rolling in.

I took my I-phone out and started taking pictures of it. It seemed to have not moved at all, it was just hovering over this building. I knew after a while of seeing this thing it had to be a UFO. it was a perfect flying saucer.

I wanted to call in my neighbor employee friends to my office to take a look, I remember walking out in the hallway to see if anyone had made it to the office yet and there was no one in.

By the time I went back to see the UFO, it was gone.

It disappeared in plane sight or made itself cloaked and un-presentable again. I have shared the photos with friends and family since. From here on out I’m always looking out my office windows. (Joseph Gutierrez)

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