Giant Alien Filmed In Northern California?

Interesting video filmed by Youtube user LivinginGraceWOTW2, in Northern California.

The color changing UFO, the main focus of the video, is intriguing in itself, but something at the beginning of the video is even more so.

The most interesting part in my opinion, is the tall shadowy figure seen right at the beginning of the video.

I took some screen shots from the video, and ran them through some filtering software I have, you can see the results below.

Could this figure be an Alien or possibly the fabled Slender-Man?

You can clearly make out the dark figure, as it walks to the left of the frame at the very beginning of the video. 

The figure also seems to be walking, two legs are visible in the screen shots below.

Have a look and decide for yourselves whether the video is genuine or a hoax, also check out this link for another interesting sighting. Alien Insect Creeps Down Building In Russia?