Chupacabra Sightings On The Rise In Texas

Recent sighting of the mythical Chupacabra, wandering the backyards of Texas, have led to at least one neighbor setting up traps in a desperate bid to prove its existence.

Photos taken in a Houston-area neighborhood over the weekend show a large, hairless canine with pointy ears and a long skinny tail trotting past lawn chairs.
It was allegedly the third sighting of the mysterious animal in the area in 11 days, KPRC reported.

In 2007, this creature above, also resembling a Chupacabra, was found in Cuero, Texas. Phylis Canion, who's seen holding the photo, believed it was killing her chickens.

The mysterious legend of a blood-sucking creature said to drink the blood of goats, earning its name of “the goat sucker” has tingled spines for nearly 20 years after being first reported in Puerto Rico.

Claude Griffen from Gotcha Pest Control blames the recent uptick in continental U.S. sightings on the fact that many of the creatures are real animals that were born here, the exception, he said, is that they've been bred with other species.