An Invisible Being Photographed in Angol?

Mrs. Janette Villa Torres, married, with a high school degree and considered a trustworthy person at her place of employment. 

She works as a municipal official in downtown Angol (9th Region), and she never imagined she would ever photograph such a strange thing.

Her intention was to take a photo of the Moon and the planet Venus, which shone in the heavens on 7 November at 21:30 hours. 

Mrs. Janette was in the back yard of her home and used her 16.7 pixel Samsung digital camera.

There was nothing particularly unusual about her surroundings. She even remarked to researcher Raul Gajardo Lepold that there is neither public nor private lighting in this part of her house. 

She did, however, notice, a sort of spark or noise in the flash at the moment the photo was taken, which we mention for purposes of subsequent analysis.

The distance separating her from the shrubs appearing in the photo is some four meters, and their height is also close to four meters.

Upon seeing the image recovered from the device, she was astonished to see a transparent entity with light sources in its body, over to the right hand side of the photograph. 

There was no doubt about it: the silhouette of a person with a very clearly defined outline (arms, head and back) could be seen at first sight. 

All indications are that the being had its back toward the camera and in a diagonal direction (45 degrees)

(Journal Of Hispanic Ufology)