UFO Caught Behind Comet ISON 2013

Very interesting new images of Comet ISON which seem to indicate an object within its coma.

The unknown object was caught on the 2nd of October just outside the comets tail (Below)

And then again a day later, within the coma itself. (Below)

This could possibly indicate an Extraterrestrial interest in the Comet for reasons we can only speculate on.

It is My belief and opinion however, that Comet ISON is being closely monitored by Extraterrestrial forces, to make sure it poses no threat to the Earth.

Although the main threat-Comet ISON, may be the main focus of concern, it is worth noting that there could be severe threats from objects and fragments traveling with the comet.

I would suggest an increase in fireball activity worldwide as ISON draws near, and possibly several meteor impacts similar to the one that hit Chelyabinsk on the 15 February 2013.

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