Massive UFO Filmed By Astronomer Near Moon

Russian astronomer Alexander Leushkanov has released footage of a possible UFO while observing the moon. "I am truly shocked" Alexander said

Alexander Leushkanov  relates:
"I was filming the moon from my observatory when suddenly a dark elongated body came into the frame."
"I thought at first the object was a plume of smoke or dirt, but after checking the camera and lens, it occurred to me that it was indeed an object in the sky."
"I am truly shocked" Alexander said....
"I have studied celestial objects for decades, but I can not imagine what that object is."

Since this story was published, several other astronomers have come forward who witnessed a similar object in the sky over Moscow. 

The UFO was seen around sunset, and seemed to glow, as it slowly moved across the sky.

Editor Note:

This object could be a living creature, very similar to the Jelly-Fish and Tether UFOs often seen in NASA photographs and footage. 

If you look closely at the zoomed in version below, the object seems to twist and turn as it moves.

Atmospheric factors have to be considered of course, but personally I believe this object could be an alien organism rather than a ship, but whatever it is, its huge.

What do you think its is?

I have added some subtle filtering to the footage, and converted them to flash for better quality.