Alien Saves Town From Huge Fireball Or UFO Crash?

The fall of a huge fireball has shocked and terrified the people of a small Maya Town in Ichmul,
Southern Yucatan.
On Sunday at 8:30 pm, 2013, while the locals were waiting to see a circus show, a massive boom was heard followed by a huge fireball. The sound was so loud it shook the ground and shattered windows, 

"It was just like an earthquake" one witness stated.

"As we watched the fire fall from the sky, all the power in our town went out, and all we could see was this huge ball of fire in the sky, the whole town was terrified, we thought we were going to die."

The fireball impacted just outside the town, destroying a few small buildings and melting several power lines, no one was reported hurt in the incident.

Local police and some residents who attended the crash site, recovered pieces of burnt debris from the scene, including several melted objects which look mechanical in nature. 

The most interesting find was a charred humanoid figure, roughly 12 inches in height, with a head, two legs and two arms.

Some locals believe this was possibly an Alien ship intercepting a meteorite that was headed for their town.

One witness stated:

"We do not fear the sky people, they have come here for many centuries, watching over us and protecting us from such things, all our ancestors talked about them."

"I think this little creature gave his life to protect our town, it saved our people I think."

Local officials quickly sealed the area off with cordons and police guards, until a full investigation into the incident had been completed. A substantial amount of debris was also taken for analysis by local law enforcement officials, who also urged the towns people to stay away from the impact site, claiming a possible risk of contamination from radioactive materials.