Ancient Annunaki Cities Discovered In South Africa

Publisher and Producer Michael Tellinger talks to George Noory about his study of ancient ruins at the southern tip of Africa, which he believes were associated with a vanished civilization that ET visitors, the Annunaki.

Adams Calendar is considered to be, according to Michael Tellinger, the oldest man made structure on earth. It is located in Southern Africa amongst thousands of amazingly situated stone circle ruins that are approximately 250,000 years old. Soil and sediment cover some of the stones and some have fallen over but they are still visible.

Each of the stone circles are uniquely designed and placed astrologically aligned, demonstrating a great understanding of the earth and stars. The ruins explain that the people who built them understood advanced technology in agriculture, energy, and science. The stone circles were built as a connected unit by channels of roads and agricultural terraces spanning about 447 square miles and could feed about 50,000 people.

The highly advanced ancient civilization who designed these structures understood natural energy sources produced from the earth that most people in our modern era have not even heard of. They understand that the core of the earth itself rings like a bell, which produces energy.

When building these stone circles, certain rocks were used that also ring like bells and produce a special energy force. Each stone was placed according to the sound it makes in relation to another as well as the astrological position.

One of the most important aspects of the South African stone circle ruins is that they were placed over an enormous amount of gold mines. The people who dwelled in the area somehow understood that the abundance of the earth’s gold presided in this area of Africa and they desired gold for some extremely important reason. 

Some hypothesize that earth’s gold is needed for the atmosphere of other planets and this is why earth was populated in the first place.

The monoliths were first discovered by Johane Heine, a professional pilot. He then began researching this stone ruin and invited Michael Tellinger to assist him. Over the years they have made fascinating discoveries. 
They named the stone circle, “Adam’s Calendar” after Adam (the oldest man on earth). The calendar is in the name because the stones are placed in order to track the movement of the sun, which casts shadows on the rocks. It still works perfectly today as a calendar. 
The monoliths are aligned with each direction: north, south, east and west as well as the equinoxes and solstices. The three rocks in the center of the circle are aligned with the star formation, Orion’s belt, just like the great pyramids of Giza, Mexico, and China. It appears that this same civilization was being guided by the same knowledge as the civilizations that built pyramids all over the world without communication that we are aware of.

The monoliths of Adam’s calendar are dolerite and the only dolerite vein is almost a mile away, meaning that the rocks that weigh as much as 5 tons were somehow carried all the way to that precise place for a particular alignment.
Tellinger believes that Annuaki females (from another planet) were first impregnated here at Adam’s calendar with fertilized eggs of human beings. These human beings became a slave race of gold miners, as gold was the reason why aliens were brought to Earth. There was mass cloning of human beings who immediately began gold mining as a slave race from the time they were cloned into adult human beings.

The latest and most interesting discovery of the stone circles and Adam’s Calendar is the sound frequencies of the rock formations from the earth below them. With modern technology, Tellinger and scientists have been able to detect and measure incredible sound frequencies with acoustic properties made from the earth inside the circles which conduct electricity. These sound frequencies of the earth under the stones are shaped as flowers of sacred geometry as they surface to the ground.

They also measured electronic fields 200 meters underground with a heat Celsius of up to 80 degrees, as hot as volcano earth inside the Adams Calendar. There is no scientific explanation for this because there is no volcano there. The temperature drops dramatically when measured from outside of the circle which is also unexplainable.

Did Michael Tellinger make the physical Link to Zecharia Stitchen’s reference to the “Abzu”? and may have been the beginning of the human slave race.