UFO Sightings In Australia Explode

Scientists say Australia's coastline is a hot spot for extraterrestrial activity as locals report an increase of UFO sightings.

The UFO below was photographed at 12:32pm on November 17, 2012, over Darlington, WA.

Gemma Regan, who has a PhD in biological anthropology, says we are not alone in this universe.
The mother of three has given up her career to devote all her time to proving that extraterrestrials exist.
Dr Regan talks openly about sightings and close encounters with UFOs.
"I was woken up with a very bright blue light and a high-piercing sound. I saw a shadow coming through the window of three beings. The beings came through the window and approached me," Dr Regan said.
She meets with like-minded Australians who also share similar experiences and Brisbane woman Sheryl Gottschall is one of them. Ms Gottschall runs the headquarters of UFO Research Queensland from an office in her suburban garage.

Triangle UFO over Australia (Google Earth)

Ms Gottschall sits in front of a board every day, which is what she describes as an alien line-up. She says the board collects data on UFO sightings and claims that there are more than 70,000 sightings every year.
"People are seeing oval shaped objects and they are seeing lights on them. These lights sometimes flash around them and they are not moving like a plan or anything like they've ever known," Ms Gottschall said.
"I accept that there is extraterrestrial life that is in our neighbourhood. It is coming to planet Earth for all sorts of reasons and in some cases interacting with human beings."
According to statistics one in five Australians claim to have seen a UFO.
There have been various reports of UFO sightings across the country. Residents of Wycliffe Well in Northern Territory say their town is one of the world's hot spots for sightings.

Strange lights have also been reported by New South Wales locals on the road between Dunedoo and Coonabarabran.

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