UFOs Over Lake Wylie? 2013

A north Charlotte woman says she caught what she believes to be UFOs flying over Lake Wylie near Belmont.

Harrington said that she recently joined the Mutual UFO Network in April of this year and became a Field Investigator shortly thereafter. She had heard about sightings of UFOs in the Lake Wylie area in recent weeks and went out to do an investigation of her own.
"I invited a friend, Nancy Queen, to go to a boat docking area Saturday night and stake out the area,"
"This location is about a mile south of the Allen Steam Plant in Belmont."
According to Harrington, the pair arrived around 7:30 p.m. and took a few pictures.
"When it started getting dark, I mounted my camera on a tripod and waited to see if anything got our attention," she said. "As we stood on the cement slab attached to the boat docking area, I caught sight of a flying object coming towards us. 
The object was glowing orange. I called out to Nancy as two more aircraft came over the treeline, orange lights aglow."

Harrington says the first aircraft stayed in front of the other two aircrafts, which she says were flying side by side quite close to each other. She says she immediately started snapping pictures.
"Although the aircraft seemed to be moving much slower than the jets we had seen earlier in the evening, I had no idea it took two minutes for them to pass over our heads."
The aircraft were seen heading south to north toward the Allen Steam Plant.
She says the camera was on a tripod and didn't move and there was no noise as the aircraft flew by the pair.
"Amazingly, there were several boats being placed on their trailers during this time frame but nobody but Nancy and I noticed the aircraft," Harrington said., and, we were making quite a to do about them.

"What struck me about the three flying objects was the single orange glow each projected," 
"I couldn't make out any features on the aircraft as the light was blinding."
The Allen Steam Station is located on Lake Wylie less than 5 miles due west of Charlotte Douglas International Airport.
The airport, known by aviation enthusiasts for landing and departing planes in pairs, uses flight patterns that are parallel with the steam station running north to south.
The flight patterns have become more rigid in recent years as the airport, in conjunction with the Federal Aviation Administration, has worked to reduce noise for residents in south Charlotte.
Residents in places like Denver, Steele Creek and University City have noticed the changes as planes have become more common over the areas flying on  specific flight paths into and out of the airport.
Harrington says there have been at four other sightings of similar aircraft reported to MUFON-NC in the Charlotte area over the past few weeks.