Six UFOs and Crop Circle Reported In Ukraine

Strange flying objects were seen over L'viv, near the village of Dibrovka Pustomytovskogo yesterday.

Eyewitness Alexander Popov states:

"At first I thought it was a plane on fire and falling, but there was no sound, and their speed was very slow, 20-30 kilometers.

"I Saw two objects that moved about 100 meters distance from each other, then came a third object."

"Just a little further above the forest, climbed three more "plates," that's when I realized what they were."

His words were confirmed by another resident of the village, He says that at first all objects were hanging in one place, and then began to rise sharply upward. Villagers frequently search the forest looking for signs of activity or evidence of landings by the strange, plate shaped objects.

Crop Circle Reported In Tseperov, L'viv, Ukraine. 24 June 2013.
TV news report about a crop circle that appeared during the night near the village of Tseperov.