Strange Object Photgraphed On Mars

Very strange torpedo shaped object caught by Google Earth, Alien Ship perhaps or Unusual Rock?

Object seems defined and has an unusual aesthetic, not like any rock I'm familiar with.

Because of the size of the anomaly (est: 18000m to 20000m) I would suggest its an installation of some kind, or perhaps a camouflaged Alien Ship, this would explain its colour (blending in with the environment to avoid detection from NASA).

Note the shadows around it also, this could indicate the object is elevated somewhat, it is possible however that to much light has created an optical illusion regarding the elevation of the object. Note the light glare at the tip.

Of course this is all theory, without clearer hi-res pictures of the object we can only speculate on what it could be, In my opinion it is not a natural rock formation, only question is, what is it?

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