Stealth UFO Caught Over Colorado?

Interesting Image submitted via the ADG website which shows a possible UFO and Probe hovering next to some trees in Colorado. Object was caught by accident and was not visible to the photographer at the time, only when he checked the shots at home did he notice the mystery objects.

The object in the foreground could be passed off as an insect, but we must bear in mind that no other insects are visible in the shot, and a UFO is the background. Therefore we can assume that the two are connected until proven otherwise. It is not unreasonable however, to speculate that the object could be a probe from the UFO.

The UFO in the background seems to have a stabilizer jet protruding from its side, it also seems to be emitting a mist of some kind, it could also be a light beam, but my guess would be a stabilizer, as a yellow flame-like trail is clearly visible on the objects hull.

There is also a possible light source coming from a dome on top of the object, this could be a cockpit, or propulsion system. It is logical to assume therefore, considering the objects were not visible to the photographer, that some Extraterrestrial visitors are using a cloaking device of some kind, obviously to observe or explore this planet by stealth, and to be honest, who can blame them.

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