Star Trek's Tricorder Becomes Reality

If you’ve been longing for the day you can just scan your body at home to find out what’s wrong when you’re sick rather than head to the ER, your day is here.

The idea for Scout came to Scanadu founder and CEO Walter de Brouwer while his son was in the hospital after an accident.

After spending a great deal of time in ICU, Brouwer started to pay attention to the outputs from all the machine’s his son was hooked up to, and look for trends and abnormalities in those outputs.

When his son’s health improved and the machines disappeared, he found himself missing that data and wanting it back.

“We need an instrument or tool in that battle for the ownership of the data that comes out of our body.”

His desire to have that data led him to the creation of Scout. The idea behind the device is to bring the hospital experience, at least the data portion of it, into people’s homes in an easy and affordable way.