Ryan Adams Tweets UFO Sighting, Then Deletes Tweets

Ryan Adams isn't exactly sure what he saw in the sky around 11:00 p.m. on July 11, but he's sure the mysterious flying object was being chased by police and helicopters.

The 38-year-old rock singer and songwriter was driving in Glendale, Calif., when he claims to have seen a huge UFO in the sky.
"Whatever I saw was like a real sci fi film come to life," he wrote on his Twitter page.
"Maybe they were testing the blimp out, I dunno."
Adams who is married to 29-year-old singer-actress Mandy Moore sent out several tweets describing what he saw. 
He also tweeted that he hadn't snapped any pictures of the UFO...
"because I didn't twitter til I was parked, enough people are dead from texting and driving."