Royal Birth Distraction: Obama Sends $500 Million To Terrorists?

Citing “national security interests,” President Obama effectively sidestepped Congress by signing an executive order which enables him to send $500 million to fund Muslim terrorists in the West Bank.

The executive order, addressed to Secretary of State John Kerry, was quietly signed as the media’s full attention was focused upon a royal birth.

In the order, President Obama writes..

“I hereby certify that it is important to the national security interests of the United States to waive the provisions of section 7040(a) of the Act as carried forward by the CR, in order to provide funds appropriated to carry out chapter 4 of part II of the Foreign Assistance Act, as amended, to the Palestinian Authority.”

The move comes on the heels of a 2012 executive order in which Obama waived a congressional ban on funding the Palestinian Authority and sent the Hamas terror led organization $147 million American taxpayer dollars.

He also removed all spending restrictions on that money, restrictions which dictate what the funds can and cannot be used for, ie. humanitarian assistance, education, betterment of society, etc.  Thus enabling the money to be used for military equipment.

Ed Brown, a DC watchdog writes...

“When the next Palestinian/Israeli conflict erupts because Hamas led Palestine is lobbing rockets over the fence into Israel don’t forget who paid for those rockets: you did, Mr. & Mrs. American taxpayer.”

Brown’s assertion is backed by those made by political commentator Dean Garrison.  Garrison says,

“I am not sure why we even have a legislative branch in 2013, because it’s obvious that Obama and company are going to do what they want anyway.”

“Whether this money eventually finds its way into the hands of terrorists, or not, is not entirely the point.

Americans are sick of hearing how we need to make cuts, tighten our belts and sacrifice while our government keeps sending money elsewhere.”

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