Moon Base Found In Apollo Photograph? 2013

Very interesting picture from the NASA archives which seems to show a structure of some kind on the farside of the Moon. This is a very compelling image, most structures found on the Moon are usually very poor quality and lack definition.

This one however is clearly defined, two massive circular structures are visible, Could they be openings, or possibly landing pads for space ships? Note the "L" shaped protrusion emanating from the lower circular structure.

Whatever this object is, it is not a natural rock formation or image artifact.

Ref: AS11-41-6155

View of Moon, West of Crater 308,officially named Daedalus. This image is part of a south looking oblique sequence of images taken on the farside of the Moon from the Command and Service Module (CSM) as it traveled at approximately 60 nautical miles (NM) orbital altitude above the Moon during the Apollo 11 Mission. Original film magazine was labeled P. Film Type: 3400 Panatomic-X Black/White taken with a 250mm lens. Approximate Photo Scale 1:1,041,100. Principal Point Latitude: 11 degrees South and Longitude: 174 degrees East. Forward overlap: 0%. Sun angle is Medium. Approximate Tilt Minimum is 65 degrees,Maximum is 70 degrees. Tilt direction is South (S)