Huge Hexahedron Object Next To Sun 2013

Intriguing images from NASA SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) which indicates yet again that there is an extraterrestrial presence around our Sun.

NASA has tried to explain this phenomena away as dead pixels or "Large Pixels" but is this the case?

I study the Sun quite allot and in some cases NASA is correct concerning the dead or repeated pixel explanation but as you can see from the images and videos below, that is not always the case.

The image below clearly shows a square object emerging or entering the Sun, if this was a dead pixel, the whole square would be visible.

In this instance, most of the object is visible, apart from the far left side as it enters or exits the Sun. You can see quite clearly also, the Suns plasma washing over the cube.

This would be impossible if the square was a dead pixel as NASA claim.

This object above is an error in the image processing, a block pixel has been repeated onto the image giving the impression of a square object.

Another very interesting image I discovered, seems to show a huge hexahedron or cube shaped object next to the Sun. What is interesting about this image, is that again, it cannot be a dead or repeated pixel.

The red circle covers more than half of the object, and as I stated previously, a pixel or image processing error would show the whole anomaly.

There is also a possible UFO leaving or approaching the square object.

The two hexahedron shaped objects presented here, are probably the most compelling of all, as they are very difficult to explain away or debunk.