Aliens Burn Down Buildings In Russia? 2013

Moscow Ufologists claim UFO fireballs attacked a village in Chelyabinsk Region, Emanzhelinka, Russia

Witness's claim plasmoid's (which Alien civilization's send to Earth to scout) went out of control, and started a fire in the apartment buildings.

Ufologist and Journalist Yuri Senkin states...

"These are probes that extraterrestrials control from other planets or ships for exploration, as we explore Mars."

"It is possible that a transmitter and receiver malfunctioned, the object behaved like a perfectly reasonable thing, as if it was looking for something or someone in the building, and would like to make contact with them, then all of a sudden it crashed into the buildings."

"Plasmoids are not aggressive and im sure this was just an accident."

Andrey and Irina Tabler, the owners of one of the affected apartments, estimated the damage at more than three hundred thousand rubles.

According to witnesses, residents of the village heard a clap of thunder. then a glowing ball appeared, which they took for a fireball, it then went through the roof of an apartment building.

As a result of the phenomena, two apartments caught fire, a power outage in surrounding homes occured, and one of the apartments was completely burnt out. (Translated From Russian)