Alien Power Plant Found On Moon? 2013

Extraordinary picture from the Apollo 16 archives. Image clearly shows, in detail, a structure that in my opinion looks like a power plant of some kind.

Whatever the object is, it seems to be generating or attracting a plume of pure energy.
It could of course be an Alien ship of some kind re-fueling, drawing energy from the platform.

Note the crooked cable type objects which seem to be growing out of the platform, these could possibly
be supplying the platform with energy, it would follow that an Alien vessel could come along, and draw energy directly from the energised platform, as seen in the image. Check the raw image yourself and see what you think. (Bottom of page)


Image Details: Apollo Image AS16-P-4095

Image Name: AS16-P-4095
Mission: Apollo 16
Revolution (Orbit): 17
Camera: Panoramic
Exposure: N/A
Camera Tilt: Forward
Scan Pixel Scale: N/A
Start Time: (DOY:112) 1972-04-21T03:23:45
Spacecraft Altitude: 115.16 km
Center Coordinates (lat, lon): 8.91°,178.31°
Corner Coordinates: 11.81°,175.99°
Sun Elevation: 1.0°
Features: STEIN, WEST OF
Film Type: 3414
Color: black&white