A Weird Smoke Ring Above Lake Zurich Baffles Residents and Scientists

Something really weird happen over Lake Zurich in Switzerland, June 18, 2013: Residents around the lake spotted a weird ring of smoke rising and widening above them.

At the beginning the bizarre small cloud ring had a diameter of about 10 meters. After a few miles of travel it was around 50 meters wide. During its trip, it always kept its spherical shape

The ring continued to rise in the air and got lighter and lighter until it finally completely dissolved. 

Scientists from Meteo News suspect a special fireworks, which could have exploded over the lake. They say the event is certainly not natural. 

It looks as if something had been shot from a cannon with a lot of pressure and exploded. The cloud in form of a ring would speak for this thesis! 

In a similar way, somebody says it could be related to a hail cannon, which is fired when large thunder storms form to prevent from hail. 

In the same way also reach us by speculation that it will be the mysterious circle around a bee or mosquito swarm.

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