Welcome to Alien Disclosure Group UK or ADGUK for short. We’re dedicated to bring you the news no-one else dares to publish. Get the real stories, the truth behind it all, we will look beyond the lies and the cover-ups. We will expose the sinister alien agenda and those who support it.

The Alien Disclosure Group of the UK is an independent research- and investigations group formed to expose and counter the lies imposed on the general public by the mainstream media and their powerful backers. Our goal is to dig out and promote truth. We firmly believe that everything happens for a reason – in world politics of every kind, when disaster strikes, when economic crisis hit – there’s always those who benefit from incidents, from agreements, from wars. Our purpose is to sift through the fog of lies, the distractions, to look further ahead. Because if we cant see the real truth, the real mechanics of our societies, the structure and architecture of real power. Make no mistake about it – you are not in control. You may get vote every four years, and once in a while your preferred party och presidential candidate might even end up in office. But as you most likely know perfectly well by now – that doesn’t change an iota. “They” would never give you that power voluntarily.

Who are they?

“They” go by many names. Some called them the deep state, other prefer the term NWO, The New World Order or The Illuminati, The Bilderberg Group or the international monopoly capital. It doesn’t matter which term you prefer – the name may differ depending on your own political preference or world view. But in reality it’s the same thing under a different name. Actually, “the who” is just not very important. You should rather be asking yourself “what” they are. They are a quasi-secret cabal pulling the strings in our governments, they decide our foreign policy and influence our labor laws. You might call them a fusion of corporate interest and institutionalized power.  They thrive on outsourcing and financialization. They want to control each and every facet of society but above all they want to monopolize the means of production. They want to own you.

Fight back

Information is power. The first step in every revolution is education. Read more, do your own research, don’t believe the mainstream media. There are many independent sites, news papers and organizations out there. We, the staff at ADGUK do out best to challenges the lies and reveal the truth but our time is limited. We need people like you. Head to our contact page if you want to join us donate to our cause. It’s not too late. We use alternative news outlets and direct sources to gather information. The adguk staff also regularly consult with psychic mediums, tarot readers, fortune teller and astrologers to get first hand information. As you know the mainstream media is not to be trusted. The only way to gains access to the hidden information is to use alternative sources such as the before mentioned psychic mediums, online fortune tellers and tarot readers. Astrology has also been a tool to powerful people for several thousands years. The Reagan administration had full time psychic mediums and astrologers on their pay-roll. So do we.